About me

Fascinated by the brain, through all sciences (psychology, sociology, neuro-biology), intrigued by the stars and the univers; and mostly affecte by all arts (dance, singing, cinema, series etc…), i love to deepen my knowledge and really love learning every day a little bit more. I develop a strong interest for what fascinates me, that give me motivation and determination to push me further in my projects.


I love exchanging, transmit and specially debate with others. The most rewarding is to learn from others experiences and share our experience in order to transmit this knowledge. 


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me through the form in the middle of this page or through linkedin (icone on the top left of the website). I’ll respond to you as soon as possible !


    Other websites


    Website semi-professional, semi-personal. It’s a perfect mix of posts between vulgarization and academic researchs. About studying series, this website gather in one place the most condensed range of what i could do as research work on this topic.  

    Website on maintenance !

    Dance & Emotions

    Blog mostly personal, informative about dance and music. It contains articles about artists that inspired me every day, about gigs that i attende, and other posts more personal. However, i use this website as a glossary on different dance styles, as well as summer/winter dance camps… If music and/or dance interests you, don’t hesitate to discover it !