Master's Thesis

During my three years in graduate school BAC+3 (in France), i wrote 3 research thesis (100 words). When i was studying cinema in a two years Master’s degree “Création Artistique”, i wrote two of those three thesis. The latest was produced when i took a on year Master’s degree in Sociology “Sociologie de l’Innovation et de la Recomposition Sociale”. For all of thoses, the subjet is series, and for each thesis, i invite you to click on the title to get a summary.

University Work

Every semester, every home assignment is personalized. Since my second year of my university degree in cinema, with the help of my teachers, I’m trying to combine a subject on series and the theme of the class in order to deploy my skills as much as possible and expand the scope of possibilities in my research.

If you want to know more about these academic works, a summary is possible. Organized by semester in ascending order, some are works presented orally, others written; and for the most part jointly submitted to the teacher per group of four students maximum. However, only my part will be accessible and summarized, although hanging on themes that other students have reported in these homework.

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Professional experiences and various responsibilities

In parallel with my studies, I had the opportunity to gain experience through my professional activities. Passionate about the arts, whether as a volunteer or salaried assistant, each position gave me the opportunity to approach the audiovisual field in a variety of ways.

A summary of each of my professional experiences is available on request via the contact form on the “About” page.

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