Passionate about arts in all its forms;
Practice dance since 5 years old;
Pronounced taste for traveling;
Interest in psychology, sociology and neurobiology.

Image and media, but also emotional and social education


September 2019 - Today

Cinema theater receptionist, Clermont-Ferrand

Cinema CGR Les Ambiances

Perfomed a wide variety of duties across the cinema including : community manager, creating an event (contact with distribution and partnerships), creating visuals for events; key point of contact for customers; cashier & CNC ticket editing : helping the cinema meet daily sales targets by recommending films and up-selling seating options.

September 2019 - Today

Active member, Clermont-Ferrand

Association Ciné Fac

Helping on multiple areas like : communication (community manager), screening and administrative papers. Discovering how to project a movie, how to apply for subventions, presentation of movies.

May 2018 - July 2019

Active member, Grenoble

Association Cliffhanger

The Cliffhanger Association aims to promote series through the roll-out of various activities and events such as conferences, workshops and festivals (“La Semaine de la Série” with the Cinémathèque of Grenoble). I actively participated in its creation and in its agenda since its inception succesfully organizing multiple projects together with the other members of the team.

June 2017 - October 2018

Cinema theater receptionist, Grenoble

Cinema LeClub

Perfomed a wide variety of duties across the cinema including : film screening schedule management ; key point of contact for customers : anticipating and being responsive to their needs, and taking general responsability for the safety, satisfaction and comfort of all visitors to the venue ; cashier & CNC ticket editing : helping the cinema meet daily sales targets by recommending films and up-selling seating options.

January 2017 - June 2017

Instructor, Grenoble

Bibliothèque Universitaire Droit et Lettres

Organizing books on shelves, facing and responding to customers  demands.

Februay 2017

Volunteer Assistant, Colombes

World Of Dance France, 2nd edition

Setting up VIP seats, helping the performance of the show, price preparation and gifts for participants among other small tasks (making sandwiches, stand storage, helping with merchandising etc…).

September 2014 - May 2016

Receptionist, Montpellier

Public Library Network of Montpellier Méditerrannée Métropole, Fédérico Fellini

Welcoming customers; storing books cds dvds and bds; managing video games area; informing curtomers.

September 2015 - April 2016

Elected Student, Montpellier

On the UFR 1 Council – Letters, Arts, Philosophy, Psychanalyse, University Paul Valéry

UFR : Unit Formation Research; The council has at top 40 elected membres including research-teachers, researchers or teachrs of the unit, students representatives and IATOS personnal, and people from the outside. The council allows projects, budgets, programs studies and others proposal to improve the UFR.

April 2014, April 2015, April 2016

Supervising, Montpellier

Rectorat Of Montpellier’s Academy

 Supervising candidats for the entrance examination for the recruitment of teachers and for one administrative contest during every April of year 2014 to 2016.

October 2015 - March 2016

Staffer, Montpellier

What’s Up Montpellier

Webmagazine created by ITIC (Technical Intsitution of Information and Communication) students at the University Paul Valery Montpellier 3. Every staffer member are from this university. Our motto : communication, writing with passion and make you discovring wonders


Searching funding for a PhD 

in Cultural Studies, Sociology or Cinema 

about the representation of mental health

in current audiovisual series.


Master's Degree Social Science

Sociologie de l’Innovations et des Recompositions Sociales (SIRS)

Université Grenoble Alpes

The training is based on the analysis of the issues of economic and social, demographic, economic and political change, viewed from different angles: transformation of social dynamics, professional worlds, action systems, forms of public intervention. 

Year 2018

Degree obtained

Master's Degree Artistic Creation,
Cinematographic studies


Master's Degree Artistic Creation

Cinematographic Studies

Université Grenoble Alpes

This course Cinematographic studies (Master’s 1 and 2) offers an deeper approach of cinema, allowing to talk about the creation in this field and neighboring domainslike art video, according to differnts approaches : theoretical, critical, aesthetic, institutional, practical and through meetings with professionals and artists.

Year 2016

Degree obtained

Bachelor of Performing Arts,
Cinematographic and audiovisual studies


Bachelor of Performing Arts,

Cinematographic and audiovisual studies

Université Paul Valéry
Montpellier III

This academic background of the bachelor “Arts du spectacle” offers a strong general culture in history and aesthetic of images and screen arts. This training offers history and aesthetic classes as well as movies analysis, discovering differents trades and a practical of audiovisual creation.

Year 2012

Degree obtained​

High School Diploma Litterature
Option Cinema


High School Diploma Litterature

Option Cinema
(first option and optional)

Lycée Frédéric Mistral



Native Language


Intermediate level (C1)
IELTS (03/23/2019) : Overall Band 7.0
Listening 7.0 ; Reading 7.5 ; Writing 6.0 ; Speaking 7.0


Read, Written and Talked
Level A2


B2I & C2I : Acquired 100%
Web hosting & WordPress 70%
Html & CSS 50%
Adobe Premier Elements (9 & 10) 90%
Final Cut (Pro) 70%
After Effects 80%
QGIS 60%

High School Diploma Litterature Option Cinema


Lycée Général Frédéric Mistral Avignon

First option :

First approach and deepening of the second to the terminal :

– Discovery and analysis of cinematographic works allowing the discovery of the History of Cinematography

– Initiation to the image: Photography (second) then Image in Motion (terminal)

– Acquisition of the basics of creation (scenario, storyboard, technical sheet of identification), of production (planning of the shooting, sequential, direction of actors, practice of the taking of sound and ilage etc …) and post- production (editing, calibration).

– Invent & Realize Short Fictions, from script stage to post-production, group work and projection at the end of the year in the cinema partner.

– Various meetings with technicians, directors and actors; debates after a screening or special session organized for students of the Cinema option.

Optional classes :

Deepening of the knowledge acquired in the compulsory option (in first and also in terminal) :

– Discover the history of cinela and audiovisual works through thematic sessions (the New Wave and other important movements of the history of cinema)

– Practice with material through deepening exercise (the different ways of filming a subject through the framing for example)

Baccalaureate tests :

An oral presentation on an excerpt of a work analyzed in progress (among 4 works); an interview about the short film produced for the baccalaureate; a table writing for the mandatory option and a folder for the optional option.

Bachelor of Performing Arts, Cinematographic and audiovisual studies​

Université Paul Valéry Montpellier 3 (UM3),
UFR 1 Lettres Arts, Philosophy, Psychanalyse;
Cinema, Audiovisual, Digital Arts

Third year : CM Methodology of Film Analysis (3), CM History of Cinema Theories (over two semesters), CM Contemporary Issues of the Film and Audiovisual Industries, CM The Trades of Mediation, Teaching and Research , TD Studies of theoretical texts, TD Representing the horror, TD The audiovisual work: from its production to its diffusion, TD Cultural engineering, TD Figurative analysis (over two semesters), TD Analysis of photography and still images (on two semesters), TD Specialized Studies: Frankenstein, TD Epistemology of the Film Genre, Openings: TD Privacy: People, Contracts, Responsibilities; CM Brain and Psychology; TD Functioning of Public Administrations, TD History of Books and Communication + Stage After Effect + English 

Second year : CM Film Analysis Methodology (2), CM History of Exploitation and Sociology of Audiences, CM The French Film Industry, TD Festival Economics, TD Virtual Editing (over two semesters), TD The Road Movie, TD The Cinema animation, TD Studies of works: the Coen brothers, TD Studies of works: David Cronenberg, TD Spectatorial practices, TD The cinema of the 80s, TD From Twin Peaks to Lost (1990-2011) + English + Italian

First year :  CM Methodology of Film Analysis (1), CM Theory and History of Cinema, from his invention to 1945, CM History of Cinema 2: from 1945 to the 2000s, CM The Performing Arts, CM Aesthetics and Theory of Cinema, CM Techniques and artistic expressions, CM Cinema and narrative TD The codes of the cinematographic languages, TD Approach of the editing, TD The golden age of Hollywood, TD Aesthetics of the cinema, TD Technique of description, TD The editor, TD Film analysis, TD History of silent cinema: birth of cinematographic language, TD Personalized Professional Project, CM + TD General literature: myths and literary genres; CM + TD Art and Literature, Openings: CM + TD Literature and aesthetics: the African presence, CM Art History + C2I + English + Italian

Master's Degree Social Science

Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), 
UFR SHS Humanities and Social Sciences Sociology of Innovation and Social Recomposition (SIRS)

Second year : Sociology of death, Category of public action, Research methodology, Sociology of innovation and uses, Sociology of science and technology, Seminar on innovation and socio-economic approaches to attention, English, Epistemology, Methodological workshops: Cartography, Analysis of texts.

Master's Degree Artistic Creation ​Cinematographic Studies

Université Grenoble Alpes (UGA), 
UFR LLASIC Language, arts performing arts, information and communication
Film studies

Second year : Thinking Artistic Creation, Artistic and Public Devices, Reflective Writing Workshop, Plural Approach to International Cinema “In Search of Happiness”, Cinema and New Technologies, Contemporary Uses of Film, Research-Creation Meetings, Online Cinema Review 2 “Entretiens”, Overtures: Wisdom and madness from the Renaissance to the dawn of the Enlightenment, The seasons in the Middle Ages: literature, science and symbols + English on specific objectives.

First year : Cinema and Alterities, Online Review “Criticism”, Cinematographic aesthetics of the archive, Methodology of research and professional integration, Cinema and writings, Institutional environment, Critical approaches, Openings: The epic in the contemporary world, Scriptures and modern creations + English on specific objectives.